Tony Price - Artist Statements


     Imagine a place that is space. Within this space, not unlike the void, are trillions of stars, some closer, some farther away. Each star sends off light waves from every point on its sphere. These light waves move in a straight line away from the spheres.
     Now in this space there exists a huge spiral of a certain package system. This system is made up of eight red spheres. Each of these packages of red spheres is opened in eight equal places. These eight sphere packages bump up against one another, on and on, stretching out into a huge spiral.
Now little is known about these red opened spheres. They seem to be of a vibratory nature from the creator. They act as a polarization channel to polarize the incoming star beams into tetrahedrons that are focused to the center of each package of eight red opened spheres. In the center of each of these packages there exists the blue dot or the segment of the creator that is being refined, or as we say, the individual, the soul, a unit of the creator. This blue dot can be seen as the center of the diamond of light colliding and passing through this blue dot and the light itself. The diamond or octahedron of light is composed of star beams channeled through the eight red opened spheres.
     As the light passes through the blue dot or soul it is interpreted as each individual's reality. So each of us is given the entire reality, the earth, the heavens, everything given to each of us. As it passes through us this light's information is totally unique to each package. So each of us, although working on the same system, is getting refined separately. We all see the world similarly but each sees his world uniquely. Each of us by degrees interprets the flow of light through us into a harmonizing creation, for we are the creators of our realities.
     Light contains all matter. Light is liquid matter and we are able to freeze this light into matter. And by degrees we will be able to produce what we will from this light, as we begin to understand, that the closer refinement brings us to our creator, the more the creator is able to use us as facilitators of his creation.


     Many artists are experimenting but only to a degree, because most of what they do turns out to be copies of somebody else's stuff. It's that way because that's how people are trained and it's that way because of the attitudes of the people who buy. More power to anyone who can produce something that sells, but it's what they do that matters.
     I want to discover. I want to find out why. And all I can rely on is what I have been given and what I have found to be true. If I go off and believe in everyone else's trip, I lose my identity.
     There are no gurus. I'm the guru. You're the guru. We just have to figure out how to look inside in order to discover how the thing that we are is made and how we work. And then, once we discover something that's worth talking about, we have to produce. Output. Show something.
     Art is supposed to be about these guys and gals who build bridges between dimensions. I'm a person who explores his inner being and understands that there are other dimensions. The question that faces all explorers is: How do you get inside and explore in these other dimensions?
     Right now, my way of getting inside is through my music. I build music boxes made of four walls and a ceiling of piano harps. I get inside it and play open guitar beginning with a basic harmonic. When it lines up as a pure harmonic, the energy produces an overtone. Then I line up the overtones and they split into two, four, eight, sixteen. To do this you have to totally listen to what you're doing. Listening is surrendering to what you want to hear and puts you in the now. I've found that when you slow time in the now, you have a virtuality to explore.
     Everybody has some abilities in this consciousness area but why have they forgotten? Why are we here? What's going on? Those are the questions. And consciousness is the truly important work that we can involve ourselves with. Everything else is just not hitting it. Wake up! Remember these things. I'm in your world and you're in mine. The true payment an artist receives is in the creating, because creating puts the artist in the flow of creation.

Tony A. Price / July 16,1985  (40th Anniversary of the First Atomic Bomb Test)
When I was about three years old the concept of nuclear energy took hold of men's minds. Man became obsessed, driven by a few dark hearts to create a death machine using the laws of creation. Such were the times.
By the time I was eight, these men achieved their success, and almost instantly put the weapons to use on their enemies. Hundreds of thousands died. That day all of mankind became nuclear hostages. For forty years now, as the technology developed into its awesome present display, thousands of these devices have been exploded all over the world.
My life for the next twenty years, having found out I had the soul of an artist and being pressed by the tremendous dark cloud of nuclear destruction constantly hanging overhead, led me through a maze of self-discovery tearing away the veils of imagination to reveal a state of objectivity. This concept of objectivity rests in eternity. A difficult thing to explain, it allowed me to see that I was really going on from a vibrational point of view. It showed me that I was a link in the chain of all life. I had become you, and all mankind.
I now saw the world quite differently. Almost everyone was as if in a deep sleep, as if dead, stumbling within their own dream-making. But some of these men in their dreams had built devices that would end life on this planet forever and totally, amen. To awaken these men to what they had done seemed an impossible task. Anyhow, it was much too late, for the energy bubble of negative nuclear weapons system was growing larger each day.
My travels led me to New Mexico to the Labs of Los Alamos, birthplace of a demon "A" bomb. Here, somehow, I would face this task of demon neutralization.
So, armed only with Art plus a sense of extreme urgency and a sense of objectivity, a plan was formulated. Not to confront or attack this demon "A" bomb, but on another level, an energy level, I would try to deflate and balance these dark forces using the forces of light, and let them balance themselves.
For a generation behind the Concept of Atomic Art I set about this task: twenty years of waiting in line, with whatever monies I could scrape together to but the gleaming shards of our weapons development programs, sold through the Los Alamos Zia Salvage Company. Now I have my hands on real weapons, parts taken from the heart of this nuclear beast.
Objectively, I knew that there exists vast energy banks of super-good energy available. For each religion is like a giant capacitor in the fourth dimension, holding and dispersing the energies of its followers. Now all I had to do was to create symbols corresponding to the energy banks of these religions, using the material of the nuclear weapons energy system. When the vibrations of the nuclear scrap have been shaped into spiritual energy images, a vibrational tunnel or bridge is formed from the religious energy banks to the nuclear weapon banks, and an automatic balance of energies would be established.
An example, the nuclear sculptures shaped into our Native American Indian kachina masks: these spiritual energy images plug into the vast amounts of native Indian energy lying stored up in the Americas for centuries. I have sculpted these objects over the years corresponding to the different rays or religious banks of energy. Thus these scultures act as vibrational tunnels in energy transference, allowing the two energy systems to become doorways to each other. These sculptures act as valves bringing the dark and light energies together to balance and thus help to hold the peace.
It is my prayer that all nuclear energy systems be dismantled and the technology of such be forgotten. For radioactivity is a dead end channel to nothingness. God has given us a nuclear system to use, but His wisdom has placed it beyond our reach in the sun, not on our earth.
So it seems a big test is at hand. Can we put away our fear of each other? Can we become earthlings? If we can become earthlings, a fantastic prize awaits us....
God bless us all, and may He awaken a few of us so that we will know we have been blessed.
                                                                Tony A. Price, Atomic Art,  July 16,1985
                                                               (40th Anniversary of the First Atomic Bomb Test)