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The Santa Fe Reporter


Tony Price dedicated himself to making "atomic art"—sculptures using surplus materials from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, which portrayed society's madness and humanity in the face of nuclear proliferation and excess. In 1998, Price suffered a stroke that led to his death in 2000. The Museum of Fine Arts in Santa Fe will open an exhibit of Price's work this Friday, March 5. SFR has collected the following index providing a glimpse into Price's work, the nuclear industry that his work opposed and what it takes to mount such an exhibit.

Current estimated market value for a Tony Price "mask" sculpture: $15,000-$20,000
Number of Tony Price sculptures featured in the Atomic Art exhibit: 21
Number of Tony Price sculptures currently on public display in variousbuildings around Santa Fe to augment the Museum exhibit: 12
Minimum number of pieces of art in the Museum of Fine Arts' permanent collection: 20,000
Minimum amount of land required to build a proposed permanent home for Price's Atomic Art: 1 acre
Total known area occupied by the Museum of Fine Arts: 47,053 sq.feet
Minimum number of artworks that would be housed in a permanent facility dedicated to Price: 144
Years that Tony Price lived: 63
Number of countries in which Tony Price is known to have lived: 8
Minimum number of people who spent at least a portion of each workday for several months preparing for the Atomic Art exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts: 6
Minimum number of working hours dedicated to the Atomic Art exhibit by Museum staff: 500
Approximate number of pages in the catalog for the Atomic Art exhibit: 75
Minimum number of classified pages in the possession of the Department of Energy: 280 million
Thickness, in inches, of the Museum registrar's "condition report"
detailing each piece in the Atomic Art exhibit:
Current total annual budget for the Museum of Fine Arts: $1.1 million
Total budget for the Atomic Art exhibit: $53,000
Amount of money the US spent on all nuclear programs between
1940 and 1998 in constant 1996 dollars:
$5.5 trillion
Amount each US citizen would have received in 1998 if $5:5 trillion
had been evenly distributed:
Total 2003 US nuclear budget: $16.5 billion
New Mexico's contribution to 2003 US nuclear budget: $51 million
Minimum number of children who could receive health care for $51 million: 19,083
Gallons of paint required to prepare a space at the Museum for the Atomic Art exhibit: 8
Average number of new coats of paint each room in the Museum of Fine Arts receives per year: 4
Number of track lights used to illuminate 32 sculptures: 45
Minimum number of sculptures that Tony Price hid throughout the southwest for future archaeologists to find: 5
Number of US nuclear weapons accidentally lost and never recovered as of 1997: 11
Minimum number of cubic feet consumed by the Atomic Art exhibit when crated for travel: 330
Average weight of a Tony Price "mask" sculpture: 100 pounds
Minimum number of custom mounts that Museum staff fabricated to support the unusually heavy artwork: 15
Number of days it takes three men to hang 32 Tony Price sculptures
for display in the Museum of Fine Arts: